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Business Growth Analysis

Our 'bite-sized' review packages are perfect to help medium and small sized businesses develop their commercial strengths into strategic advantages.


Customers and needs

Understanding customer behaviour is the first half of the revenue equation. Identifying needs creates power


Products and solutions

The second half of the revenue equation is the ability for your product or service to solve customer problems


Business processes

Balancing the needs of the business with the needs of the customer is the art of profitable revenue generation

Discover the key steps to developing your revenue

Our short but intensive review process is designed to highlight the key drivers of your success. If you then need help with implementation, we have a number of solutions to choose from


Personalised report, unique to your business

Fast and low cost, our review packages are designed for businesses that do not employ commercial expertise in their management team

  • A short questionnaire about your business goals and objectives
  • An in-depth video meeting to explore and review your business processes
  • A written analysis and video call debrief with our findings

Pricing Based on Turnover

Our unique business review service provides a fixed output for a single fixed fee. What you pay is based on business complexity and annual turnover and you have no obligation to extend our engagement

Up to £2 million
annual turnover

single charge

  • Short term business priorities
  • Sales pipeline management
  • Customer acquisition
£2 million to £10 million
annual turnover

single charge

  • Business resource allocation
  • Business opportunity mapping
  • Marketing distribution
Above £10 million
annual turnover

single charge

  • Management structure
  • Product development scope
  • Market development strategy

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Revenue Works offers a personalised and focused way to determine your route to revenue. Discover what we can do for your business organization right away

  • Book now and we'll send you the written fact-find
  • Return the fact-find and the review process will begin
  • Video conference to understand your business motivation
  • Written report for you to develop and implement
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Great service. Alastair was not afraid to challenge the status quo and encourage us to take risks. He helped us take the business into new territory.

Peter Hamilton, MD - Grant Hamilton Ltd


I am seeing my business opportunities in a new light for the first time in years, and have supercharged my personal and professional growth

Jill Gaskell, CEO - Targit Communications

About The Team

Our partners have worked with a wide range of business types and industry sectors and bring considerable commercial management and consulting experience


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Business Partner

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